Graduate and Professional Skills FAQs

General questions

Who can take the Graduate and Professional Skills workshops?
Can a non-graduate student register for a workshop?
What resources are available to graduate students through GradProSkills?
How do you propose a new workshop?
How do I register for a workshop?
What is the cancellation/withdrawal policy?
What is a non-attendance fee?
Why is there a non-attendance fee?
How do I find out how much the non-attendance fee is?
What happens if I am late for a workshop?
How does the waitlist work?
How does the Graduate and Professional Skills record work?
How do I access my Graduate and Professional Skills record?
When would I require an official GradProSkills Record and how would I request it?
How many workshops can I take in one semester?

Concordia students enrolled in graduate studies in either a graduate diploma, masters, doctoral or post-doctoral level, have access to GradProSkills workshops by registering through the myConcordia portal.
Access is from the time students confirm/accept entry to the program up to 6 months after convocation.

Currently, a non-graduate student cannot register for a workshop or course offered through GradProSkills.

The Graduate and Professional Skills program was developed by a working committee composed of student representatives from every faculty, and is supported by staff from the School of Graduate Studies and the Office of Research. As a student-driven initiative, the GradProSkills program strives to include the voice of the student population through focus groups, feedback processes, workshop proposal submissions, ongoing consultations with on-campus providers, and by offering a number of part-time employment opportunities to graduate students.

E-mail us your workshop suggestions at
To propose a detailed or already established workshop, please fill out the Workshop / Event Planning Worksheet located on our feedback page

  1. Log-on to myConcordia (

  2. Click on the GradProSkills link which is located alphabetically in the left menu

  3. Click on “Register for GradProSkills Workshops”

  4. Confirm your email contact information

  5. Select the Skill Domain for your workshop (the last two letters in the workshop number - eg. GPSC420 = Strategic Communication)

  6. Search the list and click on your workshop to register

  7. Confirm acknowledgment of the registration policy and you are registered!

1. To avoid non-attendance fee charges, requests to withdraw from a workshop must be received 48 hours prior to the workshop. Should you find you are unable to attend, a request to withdraw must be emailed to: Efforts will be made to email a courtesy reminder notice 72-hours in advance of the workshop failure to receive an e-mail reminder does not waive the right to apply the non-attendance fee. If your withdrawal request is sent less than 48 hours in advance and we are unable to fill the spot you may be charged the non-attendance fee.
2. To encourage the development of time management skills, GradProSkills will process a maximum of 3 withdrawals per semester. Additional withdrawal requests will be subject to an $8.00 processing fee.

NON-ATTENDANCE FEES vary from $25 to $200. Workshops with limited space that are popular and/or require attendance at multiple sessions and/or have fees covered by the Graduate and Professional Skills program (eg. Intensive French Courses), will have a larger fee assigned. For those programs with multiple sessions, you must attend 85% of classes to avoid the non-attendance fee, i.e. 8.5/10 classes (one missed class and one half-class).

The non-attendance fee is in place to ensure graduate students get the opportunity to benefit from the resources offered through the Graduate and Professional Skills program. GradProSkills has partnered with on-campus and external providers, to offer graduate students and postdoctoral fellows access to a full range of FREE graduate and professional skills development workshops. However, all workshop providers have committed resources to offer these workshops and expect students who register to attend the workshop. That is, if you take a spot and don't attend, you have taken away the opportunity for another student to benefit from attending the workshop.
Therefore, to guarantee your attendance, if you register for a workshop but do not attend, the non-attendance fee listed for the corresponding workshop will be applied to your student account.

Each workshop will vary in non-attendance fee depending on the resources allocated, length etc. of the workshop. Non-attendance fees are posted:

a. GradProSkills website - on the specific workshop description page the non-attendance fee is posted above the registration / wait list button

b. myConcordia Portal – GradProSkills link: When registering for a workshop the non-attendance fee is posted beside the workshop title and is also posted below the check box on the confirm registration page

GradProSkills mandate is to support the development of professional skills including time management. We have also received requests from workshop leaders and attendees to institute a late policy to address the issue of workshop participants who arrive late. Just as you would not be late for a meeting with your supervisor or boss, for an interview or to teach a class, students registered for GradProSkills workshops are expected to arrive before the start time. The workshop leader will determine if late students will be allowed to join the workshop. Students arriving late but within the first 10 minutes of class will be marked as late - note that being late for two workshops may result in the application of a non-attendance fee.

When workshops are full, students are offered the option to register as a waitlisted participant. This means you will be contacted if a space becomes available, or if another workshop is opened due to high demand. You will be notified via email if a space becomes available. Ideally, this will happen 7 calendar days before the date of the workshop. However, a space may become available a day or two prior to the workshop date. If another workshop is opened due to a high waitlist, you will be advised by email.
To add yourself to the waitlist:
1. Go to the GradProSkills website
2. Search for the course code
3. Once on the workshop page click the wait list button
4. Fill out the short form and send

Note: Those on the wait list receive priority to register. If there is less than 48 hours before the workshop, to ensure all spaces are filled, everyone on the wait list will be notified to register directly through the GradProSkills link.

Your GradProSkills record lists all hours attended for completed professional development training workshops.

The GradProSkills Record can be included in annual progress reviews with your GPD or Supervisor, in funding applications or in employment applications.

You can review your GradProSkills record from the myConcordia GradProSkills:
1. Log-on to your portal page
2. Select GradProSkills link and click on “Your GradProSkills Record”
3. Select one of two options:
1. Completed ATT ONLY - to Print for Official GradProSkills Record of Participation
2. All Workshops - In Progress, ATT(ended), DNE (did not enter), DNA (did not attend)

An official GradProSkills Record of participation may be prepared to include in funding applications, immigration process or when requested by employers.

To request an Official GradProSkills Record of participation please:
a. Select the "Completed ATT ONLY" GradProSkills record of attendance above.
b. Once the Record is displayed, click on the "printable version" link below the record and print the copy.
c. Send an email to to make an appointment to have the printed GradProSkills Record stamped and signed.
d. Please note ONLY ONE request for an Official GradProSkills Record per semester. Additional requests will be subject to a $10 processing fee.

MAXIMUM WORKSHOPS PER SEMESTER: Students may register for a maximum of 10 current GradProSkills workshops in one semester. However, if you have registered for 10 workshops and want to take more, once the first is complete, you can register for an additional workshop within the semester maintaining a maximum of 10 current workshops.

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