GPWL 903 Top 10 Things You Can Do For A Healthier You


A person's health is arguably their greatest resource. The behaviors a person engages in have a tremendous impact on their health. Some of those behaviors (such as using tobacco) contribute to poorer health, while others (such as engaging in regular physical activity) contribute to better health. This workshop will review the health behaviors that offer the greatest health benefits. These include eating a healthy diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, getting adequate and restful sleep and a few others that some may find surprising. Recommendations for each behavior will be provided and strategies to achieve the recommendations will be outlined. Information on how to effectively set, achieve and maintain health goals will be provided.
Gaby Szabo, MScN
Leader Biography:
Gaby Szabo, MScN, PGD-Health Promotion, is a Health Promotion Specialist at Concordia University Health Services. She works with Concordia students, staff, and faculty to help them achieve their optimal health potential.
Learning Objectives:
1- To identify behaviors that have the greatest impact on improving health
2- To summarize strategies to achieve recommendations for health behaviors
3- To summarize how to effectively set, achieve and maintain health goals
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Wellness and Life Balance
Target Skills:
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Learning to Learn
/A1 Thu, Sep 25 2014 10h30-12h30 SGW H459
/B1 Thu, Jan 29 2015 10h30-12h30 SGW H459
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