GPTK 703 Graduate Seminar in University Teaching (Intensive - All Disciplines)


Winter 2014 - Intensive 5-day workshop:
Sec B1: Wednesday, April 23 to Tuesday, April 29, 2014 from 9:30-16:30 daily (no weekend classes)

Note: Withdrawal deadline is Friday May 11 at 12:00 noon.

This seminar series in university teaching will prepare graduate students in all aspects of development and delivery of a university course. The estimated time-commitment is 25 hours in-class with 10 hours for preparation of readings and assignments. Participants receive a certificate upon successful completion of all requirements. There will be a modest charge for materials. 100% attendance is required.

The intensive seminar series is regularly offered in December, May/June and late August.

Section B1 -Karen Herland
Leader Biography:
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Learning Objectives:
1- Examine various approaches to teaching & current issues in higher education.
2- Plan two mini lessons & practice different teaching strategies in a supportive environment, while benefitting from peer feedback & self-evaluation.
3- Develop a course syllabus based on a principled approach to course design.
4- Articulate your own teaching philosophy statement as a first step towards developing a teaching dossier (to be included in applications for academic positions).
This workshop is recorded under the skill domain:
Teaching and Knowledge Transfer
Target Skills:
Course Design
Related skill domains:
Career Building
/B1 Wed, Apr 23 2014 09h30-16h30 SGW MB 2.265
/D2 Wed, Aug 21 2013 09h30-16h00 SGW MB 3.255
/D1 Mon, Aug 19 2013 09h30-16h00 SGW MB 2.255
Can't make any of the above dates? Let us know your preference and we will work with partners to see if alternative dates can be scheduled.
Summer (July/August)
Suitable For:
All Streams
Workshop Capacity:
/B1 25
/D2 25
/D1 25
Remaining Spaces:
/B1 1
/D2 1
/D1 1
Non-attendance Fee: $135        
If you register for a workshop and do not attend, a non-attendance fee will be charged to your student account because you have taken away the opportunity for another student to benefit from attending the FREE workshop. Please see the FAQ section for more details.
Workshop fee: $0.0
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Did you attend? Add your feedback here
The following feedback was offered by attendees and includes their degree and program information.
Arts_and_science - Master
Most beneficial aspect: All these aspects were dealt with. It was a great workshop and I feel like I learned a tremendous amount of content that will be useful to me.
Arts_and_science - Doctoral
Most beneficial aspect: There was a great deal of content and it would have been very difficult to make sense of even half of it had it not been for the class activities.
- Master
Most beneficial aspect: I'm glad we talked about theories of learning (Bloom Taxonomy, etc. ).
Engineering - Doctoral
Most beneficial aspect: Content of workshop covered most of the materials related to teaching. All the steps for being a qualified teacher were mentioned.
- Doctoral
Most beneficial aspect: Interactive activities.
Arts_and_science - Master
Most beneficial aspect: Specifically being able to design and present a mini lesson course outline etc. and get feedback from both instructors and peers.
Arts_and_science - Master
Most beneficial aspect: The instructor was amazing in conveying knowledge, giving examples, and making us participate. I feel like the information really sunk in.
Fine_arts - Master
Most beneficial aspect: Much of the content was new to me so I was readily engaged. I will add that the 10 min lesson was incredibly helpful practice.
Arts_and_science - Master
Most beneficial aspect: Working on the mini lesson, the course outline and TPS.
Arts_and_science - Master
Most beneficial aspect: A combination of all the aspects. Focus on one or the other would diminish the course.
Doctoral - EN1 - Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Most beneficial aspect: GPS preparation and the assessment of it with the valuable feedback from the instructor. Also I have learnt new skills in terms of class managing and interactive learning. (ed)
Doctoral - AS1 - Education
Most beneficial aspect: I Learned good teaching techniques. Passion for teaching was imparted upon me and I Learned about teaching Dossier and how to develop a good one. The teacher was extremely passionate and inspiring. Great prof!
Master - AS1 - NA
Most beneficial aspect: The material and many resources the professor made available for us was really helpful. It was also great that he shared his own experience and that we could have discussions about different teaching strategies. All the assignments were very helpful especially the mini-lecture given in front of our peers. I learned a lot in a few days!
Doctoral - AS1 - Biology
Most beneficial aspect: Q&A session. (ed)

Past Offerings

/B1 Wed, Apr 23 2014 09h30-16h30 SGW MB 2.265    24/25
/D2 Wed, Aug 21 2013 09h30-16h00 SGW MB 3.255    24/25
/D1 Mon, Aug 19 2013 09h30-16h00 SGW MB 2.255    24/25
/C1 Mon, May 13 2013 09h30-16h30 SGW MB 3.255    18/24
/A1 Wed, Dec 12 2012 09h30-16h30 SGW LB 612    15/25
/D1 Wed, Aug 15 2012 09h30-16h30 SGW LB 619    12/25
/D3 Wed, Aug 15 2012 09h30-16h30 SGW MB 3.445    17/25
/D2 Wed, Aug 15 2012 09h30-16h30 SGW MB 3.435    23/25
/C2 Wed, Jun 6 2012 09h30-16h30 SGW MB 3.255    22/24
/D3 Wed, Aug 24 2011 09h30-16h30 SGW MB-2.265    9/25
/D2 Wed, Aug 17 2011 09h30-16h30 SGW LB-619    2/25
/D1 Wed, Aug 17 2011 09h30-16h30 LOY AD-210    3/25