GPLL 025 Graduate Reading and Writing Base-Line


This is part of the Graduate Read/Write/Present Series.

The Graduate Reading and Writing Base-Line workshop series offers strategies for approaching graduate level reading and writing requirements. These workshops are recommended for international students new to the Canadian university experience/expectations, graduate students returning to university after an extended absence, or current students looking for additional strategies to negotiate the graduate school reading/writing workload.

Explore strategies for reading academic texts with the purpose of extracting pertinent information for generating reading notes for writing précis/abstracts and in-class discussions. Focus on critical reading of both technical and theoretical academic texts including: filtering important content and drawing key conclusions and summarizing information; techniques for analyzing/comparing ideas from different articles and developing your argument; techniques for paraphrasing/summarizing texts to distinguish your voice from that of your source; methods to prepare reading notes for active engagement in class discussions and/or writing a précis/abstract, literature review or research essay; and tips for incorporating sources into your research paper outline.

Fall 2014: Tuesday September 16, 23 and 30 from 13:30 - 16:00

NOTE: Grad Read/Write participation Requirement
To model graduate coursework requirements and create an engaged learning experience, participants will be expected to complete short readings and prepare notes prior to each workshop class date. Participants in the fall/winter/spring sessions will also be expected to produce short written texts for the extra peer review sessions. Students must attend all scheduled sessions (100% attendance requirement).
1 - Irene Serrano Vasquez
Leader Biography:
1 - Irene Serrano Vazquez is journalist and a PhD candidate in Communication Studies at Concordia University. She holds a MA in Literary Studies and a BA in Journalism. Her current research revolves around how user-generated content is challenging and changing the journalists' traditional roles and the news media power.
Learning Objectives:
1- Sharpen critical reading strategies for technical and theoretical academic texts
2- Develop methods for extracting the most imporant information from an article and summarizing key points for discussion or written work
3- Develop confidence for in classroom discussion of academic texts
4 - Review techniques for referenceing sources and paraphrasing content
This workshop is recorded under the skill domain:
Learning to Learn
Target Skills:
Peer-To-Peer Communication & Collaboration
Related skill domains:
Strategic Communication
/A1 Tue, Sep 16 2014 13h30-16h00 SGW H 441
Can't make any of the above dates? Let us know your preference and we will work with partners to see if alternative dates can be scheduled.
Suitable For:
Master & PhD - early
Workshop Capacity:
/A1 40
Remaining Spaces:
/A1 40
Non-attendance Fee: $25        
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Workshop fee: $0.0
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Arts_and_science - Master
Most beneficial aspect: Presenter described how to find articles and how to read without wasting time. For example, I learned how to scan an article to know if its worth reading.
Master - EN1 - NA
Most beneficial aspect: Critical thinking and strategies for reading and note-taking

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