GPRM 293 Generating Creativity:Idea Generation through Role Playing
The ability to generate new ideas is a crucial skill in engineering, business, science, as well as arts and the humanities. But for most of us, “thinking outside the box” is easier said than done. Come to this workshop to learn how!
(Date Posted: 2014-04-07)

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2013 Fall - Best Practices - Tarek Riman

Partner Profile of the Day

Ms. Anne Wade, Manager and Information Specialist at the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance
Anne Wade, (M.L.I.S.) has been a Manager and Information Specialist at the CSLP at Concordia for over 20 years. She has also served as a sessional lecturer in the Department of Education for the past two decades and has taught the required course Library Research Practices in Education. She co-designed and currently teaches the online version of INST250. She is the former President of the Quebec Library Association and the Eastern Canada Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.